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Climate change effects on alpine ecosystems

Removal actions of common myna

The warming of seawater has caused marine organisms to spread to colder waters, which has become another form of invasion and impact on the original ecological landscape of the ocean. In order to achieve the goal of marine sustainability in SDGs 14, continuous exploration and monitoring of marine biodiversity, distribution and ecological habits will help to understand the resilience of marine organisms under climate change...

Ocean Sustainability Research

Biochemical Reaction Test


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Searching for National Chiayi University and Traditional Chinese / English keywords such as green, environment, sustainability, renewable energy, climate change, biodiversity, conservation, etc. via Google Scholar search engine, in the past 3 years (2019–2021), there are total 2720 papers published. 1517 papers out of 2720 are related to the environment and sustainable development. The total average per annum over the last 3 years was 506 publications.