Water Conservation

Water Conservation Program Implementation

Total water usage in 2022 

Rainwater harvesting system

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Water reclamation (recycle) system

Precipitation, filtration and disinfection system for reclaimed water System

Recycling water for solar panel washing

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Location map of the detention pond in Lantan Campus

Location map of the detention pond in Lantan Campus

Rain harvest system

“Discovering Chiayi”  Campus Tour - Renewable Energy Smart Water Resources and ecological Courses

In 2022, the total water consumption of National Chiayi University was 239,602 tons. The water was primarily used for teaching, experimental research and daily necessities. To reduce the consumption of tap water, nearly all buildings are equipped with rainwater/greywater recycling systems. As a result, recycled water is predominantly used for watering plants, cleaning solar panels, and washing in the animal farms on campus. If the recycled water supply is insufficient, groundwater is utilized, with tap water being the last resort. The amount of water recycled and reused from wastewater generated by this type of water usage is 139,398 tons, that is, more than 50% water used is conserved.  Water conservation program and implementation are described as follows: 

Water Conservation Program:

In 2021, Chiayi university created a project “Building of smart water resource management and innovative water-saving technology” and received the subsidy from the Water Resources Agency. In 2022, we have installed 88 smart water meters and 3 water pressure meters in the Lantan Campus. Furthermore, a smart water resource management platform has been established. Through the concept of water balance, this platform monitors the campus water resource system. The system can immediately alert administrators to any anomalies, such as leaks, by mobile APP and Line notifications. This allows  administrators action immediately.

By means of the smart water resource management platform, users can obtain water usage data from various units and analyze the overall water consumption situation. This serves as a basis for on-campus water resource management and helps in formulating strategies.

Implementation of Water Conservation Program:

The University has established an energy-saving management committee composed of various administrative and academic heads. Under this committee, there is an energy-saving promotion team. The energy-saving promotion team oversees matters and the execution of plans related to energy conservation, carbon reduction and water resource protection.

In regard to water resource protection and management, the University established an energy-saving promotion team to draft plans and seek funding subsidies. The total subsidy amount in 2022 was 550,000 USD.

We have formed alliances with National Sun Yat-sen University, National Cheng Kung University, Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and the Taipei Water Department. We regularly hold seminars to exchange knowledge and techniques related to energy conservation, carbon reduction and water resources.

The energy-saving promotion team meets once every semester. They present reports on energy and water conservation related topics and review the data and costs of water and electricity usage to optimize the implementation strategy for the coming year.

In 2022, the University launched a general micro-credit course called “Discovering Chiayi”. Within it, the subjects of on-campus renewable energy, water resources and ecological environment were also separately introduced as micro-credit courses. This allows students to gain a hands-on understanding of the University's renewable energy and water resource facilities as well as its ecological environment. This integration brings the spirit of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from the curriculum into daily life.