Security and Safety Facilites

Guards on duty for 24 hours

Video surveillance in the gatehouse

Call-box for emergency

Emergency Help Alarm

Call-box for emergency

Fire extinguisher and hidrant

High-Risk Area Map of National Chiayi University with QR code

High-Risk Area Map Online

    Security personnel and  guards are on duty at the University gate and Video surveillance in the gatehouse moniter for 24 hours/day. Each building is equipped with fire hydrants and fire extinguishers and emergency contact call-boxes contacting to gatehouse are set up in blind spots. When accidents, crimes, fires and natural disasters occur on campus, security personnel and guards can arrive at the scene in time. The Environmental Protection and Safety Management Center will update the high-risk area map every semester, so that staff and students can grasp the latest safety information by scanning the QR code on their mobile phones.  In 2022, all high-risk area map information is now online, and relevant location details can be accessed instantly from mobile phones at any time. 

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