Electricity Usage per Year (in Kilowatt hour)

Total Electricity Usage (All Locations) in 2019-2022 

Comparison of Electricity Consumption between 

2021 and 2022 monthly (kWh)

Figure 1 is a comparison chart of university electricity consumption in the past four years, and Figure 2 is a comparison of electricity consumption in 2021 and 2022 monthly. It can be seen from the figure that the electricity consumption of University in 2022 is a slightly higher than that of in 2021.  The total electricity usage of National Chiayi University in 2022 is 23,907,946 kWh.  The last chart is the comparison of Energy saving and reduction of GHGs Emissions for the past four years (2019-2022).  Electricity is used for lighting, cooling, heating, laboratory appliances and any device that needs electricity.