Campus Facliities for Disable, Special Needs and or Maternity Care

Wheelchair Ramp for Disability 

Accessible Toilets

Disabled Parking 

Elevator for the Handicapped 

Emergency Rescue Equipment AED

All Gender Toilet 

Lactation Room 

In addition to the needs of ordinary people, the University also pays attention to the needs of people with disabilities, special needs and maternity care.

1. Wheelchair ramps around the campus and the entrance of each building

2.  Accessible toilets for disabled people

3. Disabled parking located at the nearest space of bulding

4. Elevators for the disabled in each building

5. Emergency rescue equipment AED:

6. All gender toilet

7. Lactation room:

The lactation room is provided for students or faculty and staff to use when they have breastfeeding or milk-expressing needs. The lactation room is equipped with all the necessary facilities.