Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program

Steam boilers used in food processing on campus are heated by solar power. 

Heat pump water heaters in dormitory

Electric vehicles used in campus

YouBikes on Campus

Animal excrement and sewage treatment plants

Energy saving management system

Intelligent street lamp, LED lighting and lamps with light detection

High Efficiency Inverter Air Conditioning

Resource recycling field

Wood material recycling plant/Creative design studio

Courses in resource recycling field 

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Intelligent water resource management system

Rainwater Storage System Construction Project

Electric shuttle buses

On-campus parking charges

In 2022, in addition to the continued implementation of the original 8 GHGs emission reduction projects, we have added: 1. A plan to set up solar energy generation and battery storage charging stations for electric vehicles on campus.  2. Establishment and activation of wind power generation with the generated electricity used for student practice classrooms. 3. A sustainable recycling and utilization project for reducing carbon emissions from the recovery of organic agricultural waste. We continue to strive for carbon reduction.  There are 11 programs for Greenhouse gas emission reduction covering Scope 1,2 and 3 illustrated in the following table. 

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