Water Recycling

Water recycling program implementation

Waste water recycling and treatment system

Retention pond P2

Irrigation of plants

Recycled water used for an ecological pool

Water towers for collected sewage treated for cleaning the livestock house

Rainwater storage system beneath 

the sixth parking lot

Rainwater for aquatic species cultivation and for irrigation of plants

Rainwater storage tanks for irrigation of plants and water circulation of ecological pond

Integrated Teaching Building uses recycled water to clean solar panels

The system using Rain/Reclaimed water for Toilet Flushing

The production and consumption of recycled water

The primary sources of recycled water at National Chiayi University come from general wastewater, livestock wastewater (also known as reclaimed water) and rainwater.  The water Recycling Program Implementation at Chiayi University is described as follows:

The main objective of the "Water Recycling Program Implementation" is to achieve water conservation and savings through recycling and reuse. These methods not only contribute to environmental protection and reduce water expenses but also reflect our commitment to sustainable development.