Total Campus Area

Total Campus Area of Lantan (NCYU, Taiwan) 

Lantan campus

Lantan campus locates at the side of Lantan reservoir. The total area is 1,360,288.52 m2, which is the largest campus of NCYU. 

Minsyong campus

Minsyong campus locates at Minsyong Township, Chiayi County. 

The total area is 200,405.46 m2 .

Total Campus Area of Minsyong (NCYU, Taiwan) 

Total Campus Area of Sinmin (NCYU, Taiwan) 

Sinmin campus

Sinmin campus locates at West District, Chiayi City

The total area is 146,898 m2 .


Linsen campus locates at East District, Chiayi City. 

The total area is 43,324.36 m2 .

Total Campus Area of Linsen (NCYU, Taiwan) 

Total Area of Shekou experimental forest station (NCYU, Taiwan) 

forest station

Linsen campus locates at Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County. 

The total area is 1,170,181m2 .

The total campus area of National Chiayi University which includes four campuses, dormitories and Shekou Experimental Forest Station is summarized in the table below: