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The prevention of water pollution by NCYU follows the "Water Pollution Control Act" (additional link 1) formulated by the Environmental Protection Administration. NCYU is responsible for the conservation and management of lakes and forests on campus, therefore, the production, treatment, recycling and discharge of sewage are strictly carried out in accordance with regulations.  Regarding water pollution control in campus areas, Chiayi University follows the guidelines listed below for the prevention of water pollution:

In the planning and construction throughout the campus, there are ecological ponds and rain gardens within the campus to capture and filter stormwater allowing it to permeate underground rather than flow into stormwater drains. Permeable pavements allow water to infiltrate and be absorbed by the ground, reducing surface runoff. There are 9 detention basins that can collect and store stormwater. Vegetative filter strips slow down stormwater flow causing pollutants to settle and be absorbed by plants. The rainwater retention system collects rainwater for cleaning and irrigation. The university regularly cleans the drains, water towers, and desilts the detention ponds every year. Detailed descriptions of the above facilities are provided in the "Setting & Infrastructure (SI)" section.

The items and frequency of water source protection are shown in the table below: