Total Campus Buildings Area

Library and Information Building

(Lantan Campus): 24,926.09 m2 

International Networking Academy 

(Lantan Campus): 4,528.34 m2  


(Minsyong Campus): 8,948.78 m2

 Administration Building 

(Minsyong Campus): 6,131.47 m2

Building A of College of Management 

(Sinmin Campus): 14,390.86 m2

 Building B of Colledg of Management

(Sinmin Campus): 18,435.94 m2


(Linsen Campus: 2,860.20 m2)

Classroom of Building A

(Linsen Campus: 2,447.85 m2)

Lantan Campus

Minsyong Campus

Sinmin Campus

Linsen Campus

In this section, only photos of representative buildings from each campus are displayed in the illustration. The appearances of other campus-related buildings can be referred to in the introductory videos available at link 1 and link 2.

There are 61, 24, 8, 17 buildings in Lantan, Minsyong, Sinmin and Linsen campuses respectively.

Total campus buildings area: 409,537.39 m2.  

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