Total volume organic waste produced (ton)

Monthly waste production and the organic/inorganic waste amounts of 2022 

Food Waste

Paper waste

Campus leaf cleaning and collection

Waste edible oild

Dead branch and other wooden waster

Recycling and resuse of agricutural organic waste

Waste collection

Waste weighting

The organic waste at Chiayi University primarily comes from seven main sources, waste edible oil, food waste, paper, dead branches and other wooden waste, fallen leaves and other plant waste.  The staff collects the waste and brings it to the recycling center. Trash inside the recycling bins is sorted by category and placed in the designated recycling areas. General waste is further sorted by the staff.  In 2022, the total amount of waste on campus is 109.65 tons, of which the organic waste amounts to 72.37 tons.  In addition to the standard procedures for waste collection, sorting, recycling, and reuse. National Chiayi University has specifically developed and implemented plans for agricultural waste, aiming to achieve a comprehensive waste reduction, resuse and reccycling (3R) approach.