Campus Sites of National Chiayi University

Lantan Campuses 

(National Chiayi University Taiwan)

Colleges of Agriculture, Life Sciences & Science and Engineering

Minsyong Campuses

 (National Chiayi University Taiwan)

Colleges of Education & Humanities and Arts

Sinmin Campuses 

(National Chiayi University Taiwan)

Colleges of Management & Veterinary Medicine

Linsen Campuses 

(National Chiayi University Taiwan)

Office for Academia-Industry Collaboration and Continuing Education

      National Chiayi University (NCYU) was established on February 1st 2000 by merging two existing colleges in Chiayi, i.e., National Chiayi Institute of Technology (NCIT) and National Chiayi Teachers College(NCTC). The University now has four campuses (Lantan, Minsyong, Sinmin and Linsen) and seven colleges of which the College of Agriculture, Science & Engineering and Life Sciences are located on the Lantan campus, the College of Humanities & Arts and Teachers College are located on the Minsyong campus, and the College of Management and Veterinary Medicine are located on the Sinmin campus. The office for Academia-Industry Collaboration and Continuing Education is located on the Linsen campus. There are 39 undergraduate programs (39 departments), 15 in-service undergraduate programs, 44 master programs, 17 in-service master programs, and 7 doctoral programs.  NCYU is one of the oldest and largest universities in the southern part of Taiwan. Lantan campus has an area of 1,158,600 m2, Minsyongcampus has an area of 203,300 m2, Sinmin campus has an area of 110,900 m2, Linsen campus has an area of 51,200 m2, and a dormitory area is 7,950 m2.  In addition, there is also a Shekou Experimental Forest station covering an area of 1,171,800 m2. The total number of students is 11,991 and 442 full-time teachers. About 95% of teachers have doctoral degrees; there are also 391 employees.

The development of NCYU focuses on agriculture, science and technology, management, humanities, education, and animal veterinary medicine. A powerful lineup of faculty and vibrant research atmosphere are important features of the university.  While taking into account majors, the university also attaches importance to the promotion of university social responsibility and sustainable development of campuses.

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