Total volume inorganic waste produced (tons)

Monthly waste production and the organic/inorganic waste amounts of 2022

PET waste

Aluminum/tin can

Plastic waste

Waste lighting illuminant

Excess construction materials

Scrap disposal of waste electrical and electronic items

Color/colorless glass waste

Unrepairable bicycles

The inorganic waste at Chiayi University primarily comes from 12 main sources, scrap iron, tin can, plastic waste, PET bottle, aluminum can, cartilage aluminum, stainless steel, waste lighting illuminant, cable, battery, glass and other electronic waste.  The staff collects the waste, brings them to the recycling center and weight every item. Trash inside the recycling bins is sorted by category and placed in the designated recycling areas.  General waste is further sorted by the staff.  In addition, construction materials are not wasted. The excess soil, gravel, and building materials left over from construction projects are uniformly recycled by the Maintenance and Repair Team in General Affairs Office and are used in other related projects.  In 2022, the total amount of waste on campus is 109.65 tons, of which the inorganic waste amounts to 37.28 tons.