Cultural events

Seminar on the foreigners around you — India is a vast country

There are many things you don't know.

  • Many mathematicians such as Srinivasa Ramanujan, the inventor of the circumference formula, came from India.

  • The world's earliest plastic surgery came from ancient India more than 3,000 years ago! The Ayurveda system of medicine in India is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.

  • "Hot" is the image of India's climate, but it is a myth! India's vast territory forms a climate that varies from south to north, and winter in North India is often freezing cold!

On 12/24(Fri), we invited Ayush SRIVASTAVA, a foreign student, to introduce our home country India to our Lantan campus students.

Ayush introduced India's geographic location, population (over 1.38 billion - the second largest in the world), seasons (cool, hot, and rainy), major religions (Hinduism - about 80%, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc.), ethnic groups (over 100 - also because of the variety of ethnic groups), and the variety of languages spoken in India, in addition to the official languages: English and Hindi, as well as more than 10 major regional languages, and the number of languages spoken in India. There are more than 10 important regional languages and more than 1,000 identifiable mother tongues), local culture (beard growing, wedding), Indian cuisine (papad, curry, meat kebabs, Lassi - Indian yogurt drink, etc.) and traditional festivals (such as Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja).

Ayush said that India's multi-ethnicity brings rich and diverse customs and cultures, including music, film (ex. Bollywood film industry), dance, food, religion, etc. The lively presentation and sharing of local photos and videos by the students gave the participants a better understanding of India and made the seminar very fruitful!

International Cultural Exchange Seminar -
Foreigners are around you

On the evening of November 23, 110, the International Affairs Office and the Native American Society collaborated to hold the "International Cultural Exchange Seminar".

In order to promote more opportunities of international cultural exchange, we invited Ms. Cynthia Ho, a Hong Kong student from the Marketing Department, to give a talk on Hong Kong culture, and invited Ms. Prudence Cheung (Macau), the president of the Overseas Chinese Students' Association, and Ms. Zhiying Chen (Hong Kong), the activity director, and Ms. Shi Qiaowei to exchange ideas with the students. A total of 15 students and teachers attended the meeting.

First of all, Ms. Cynthia Ho shared the history, culture, must-see spots, food, movie and pop culture of Hong Kong. From the origin of Hong Kong's geographical names, the small size of the city, the high population density in the world, the expensive land and houses, the high price level, the East-meets-West culture of Hong Kong (Chinese parade, Bun Festival, Yu Lan Festival) (Western horse racing, soccer), biliteracy and trilingualism (Cantonese is the main language, followed by Mandarin and English), and the differences with the Portuguese Egg Tarts in Taiwan. Hong Kong egg tart, which is different from the common Portuguese egg tart in Taiwan, and pineapple bun, which has become popular in Taiwan in recent years. It can be said that "where there are Chinese people, there are Hong Kong movies", and Hong Kong movies have been popular all over the world for many years, becoming a major symbol of Chinese culture. After that, the president of the Original People's Association introduced the culture and costumes of the aborigines in Taiwan, as well as the ethnicity of each student, and had a food exchange and cultural dialogue.

We enjoyed the Hong Kong cinnamon cake and rice mix, as well as the indigenous people's chinafu, all of which were delicious and enjoyed by everyone. During the food sharing, there were cultural dialogues at the same time, as the living environment and cultural background of Hong Kong, Macau and indigenous students were very different, they were surprised by each other during the exchange. A very successful cultural exchange.

Online courses during epidemic prevention are also super international

Although all physical classes were suspended during the epidemic prevention period, the International Office continued to help students promote various international exchanges. On May 31, our teacher, Hee-Yi Chen, conducted a two-hour online exchange with our sister university, Setsuan University's Global Communication Workshop, on international etiquette and culture. We had a 2-hour online exchange with our sister university, Setsuan University. First, 11 students from Japan introduced Japanese culture, and then 33 students from Taiwan responded enthusiastically.

Topics included:

  • Workplace culture
    I told you that newcomers must arrive early, or you want your seniors to wait for you!
    Early arrival is not too early, too early to go around yourself.
    Business cards (there are also rules, but also hands on hands on hands on hands on you know)

  • Food culture
    Don't talk when you have something in your mouth. (this is something my parents in Taiwan have been telling me since I was a kid, but it's also true in Japan)
    Mouth closed and then chew. (why do I find this difficult)
    Don't put chopsticks on top of the bowl .(this is hard for Taiwan, we usually don't have chopstick holders )
    Taiwanese students have been asking if noodles are your staple food besides rice.

  • Toilet button
    It's so interesting how there are so many buttons in the bathroom.
    The Taiwanese students also wanted to ask how the Japanese restrooms are so small, how can they stand it.