Elements of Green Building Implementation as Reflected in All Construction and Renovation Policies

Minsyong and Simin campus gained ISO 50001 certification – also attached are Green Building Mark Certificates of Science and Engineering Hall and Multi-Purpose Instruction Building on Lantan campus, and Building of College of Management A and B, Swimming Pool, Center for Animal Disease Diagnosis on Sinmin campus and Education Hall on Minsyong campus. All buildings with green building labels on campus are evaluated in accordance with the Taiwan Green Building (EEWH) evaluation and label system. The evaluation indicators include "greening amount", "base water retention", "water resources", "daily energy saving", "waste reduction", "sewage and waste improvement" and "indoor environment". The green area are at least 15%. There are permeable paving around the building and retention penetration design for the building. For the energy saving of the shell of the building, external shading or balcony in the opening part are set to facilitate shading and make good roof insulation facilities; in terms of air-conditioning energy saving, high-efficiency refrigeration hosts or air-conditioners are selected and the building energy management system is adopted; lighting energy saving, adequate window openings are maintained throughout the spaces to take advantage of natural light and LED lighting is fully used. Regarding water resources, all buildings use two-stage flush toilets with water-saving marks; rainwater storage system or reclaimed water utilization facilities are installed in the buildings, and the toilets are flushed with recycled water. For sewage and garbage improvement indicators, all domestic drainage in buildings is connected to sewage sewers or sewage treatment facilities and there are kitchen waste collection buckets and resource waste sorting and recycling system. Garbage bins are in the form of preventing animals from biting and eating garbage and are regularly cleaned and sanitized. In the part of the indoor environment, the interior decoration design is mainly to maintain good lighting, simple and elegant; the building materials are all made of environmentally friendly, low-emission, low-pollution, recyclable, and waste-recycling building materials.

Science and Engineering Hall

(Lantan, 13,469.71 m2)

Multi-Purpose Instuction Building

(21,855.62 m2)

Building A of College of Management

(Sinmin, 14,390.86 m2)

Building B of College of Management

(Sinmin, 18,435.94 m2)

Center for Animal Disease Diagnosis

(Sinmin, 6,459.69 m2)

Education Hall (Minsyong, 7,475.12 m2)

Swimming Pool (Sinmin, 1,535.99 m2)

Energy Management - Copy of the NCYU ISO 50001 Certification Green Building Mark Certific


Base water retention

Water resources

Daily energy saving

Sewage and waste improvement

Indoor environment