The Ratio of Open Space Area to Total Area

Chiaho Hall (Lantan Campus) 

Administration Building (Lantan Campus) 

Library (Lantan Campus)

 Administration Building (Minsyong Campus)

Swan Lake (Minsyong Campus)

Building A of College of Management (Sinmin Campus)

Building B of College of Management (Sinmin Campus)

Building A (Linsen Campus)

Building B (Linsen Campus)

Lantan Campus, 

NCYU Taiwan 

Minsyong Campus, NCYU Taiwan

Sinmin Campus, NCYU Taiwan

Linsen Campus, NCYU Taiwan

(Data is obtained by QGIS 3.8.1-Zanzibar and the photos were adjusted with contrast +40%)

    In the initial planning stage of National Chiayi University, open spaces were arranged around each building according to the regulations for public building open spaces. The most standard example is depicted in the first picture above, "Chiaho Hall".  Depending on the size of each campus area, there are also open spaces set up, including lawns, lakes, landscapes, outdoor artworks, and other related open space installations.  "The total area of the open spaces is calculated using QGIS 3.8.1-Zanzibar software. The open spaces of each campus, Shekou Experimental Forest Station and dormitories are shown in the table below. The ratio of open space to the total area is 95.99%.  The first two additional links below are the introduction of the four campus and Shekou Experimental Forest Station.