Program to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic on Campus

Promote the paperless policy 

Banning melamine, disposable tableware and plastic straws

Restriction in using of plastic straws in dining room

Encourage your own environmentally friendly tableware

No bottled water or plastic cups will be provided at the meeting

NCYU promotes “Paperless Policy” to reduce paper in daily workplace.  The online sign-off system for electronic official documents has been completely established to improve e-adminstration and paperless.  In 2022, the online sign-off ratio has reached 80.19 %.  The table of statistics for online/paper sign-off in 2020-2022 is shown as follows: 

Another policy is “Campus Plastic Reduction Campaign”.  Since July 2019, disposable, melamine and disposable plastic straws have been completely banned on campus.  Achievement rate has reached 100 % since 2020.  Since 2018, Taiwan has implemented regulations that prohibit the free distribution of plastic bags. Additionally, restaurants no longer provide straws for dining. The compliance rate for these regulations on campus has reached 100% as well.The University encourages staffs and students to use your own eco-friendly cutlery which can save 0.50 USD on a meal or 0.2 USD on drink. (The regular price is around $3.0 USD for a meal and $2 USD for a drink). 

 In all university meetings, disposable bottled water is not provided. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own reusable drinkware.  The university promotes green procurement, and the adoption rate has reached 99 %.